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Our mission is to offer professional, dependable, personalized service in providing experienced security inspections, care-taking and maintenance so our clients have an affordable piece of mind. This will be available to residential, summer, and rental property and condo owners in Ocean City and surrounding communities.

CPO (Pool and Spa Operator) Certified
We now handle pool and spa care; private or public

  • Our property watch service is tax deductible in most cases. Contact your accountant to see how it can benefit you.
  • Many insurance policies require a regular "check up" during owner's absence. Check with your insurer, then ask us how we can help!
  • All services and inspections are carefully documented. 10% off maintenance repairs if contracted for property watch.
  • We have standard professional services at afforable prices available in packages or you can personalize your needs.

  • 24 Hour alarm response
  • 24 Hour emergency maintenance
  • Security visits
  • Key holding service
  • Key entry option
  • Key departure option
  • Storm watch option
  • Water leakage checks
  • Plumbing checks
  • Electrical checks
  • Animal infestation checks
  • Check perimeter of house
  • Check light(s) on timer
  • Digital pictures of property
  • Check boat
  • Check dock
  • Check pool
  • Check hot tub
  • Check pond and pond system
  • Check landscape lighting
  • Check inventory (vacuum, TV, stereo, antiques, large pictures, etc.)
  • Check level of oil (if applicable)
  • Check to see if gas supply is "on"
  • Client's personal requests

  • Concierge services
  • Water plants
  • Pick up mail
  • Mowing/trimming grass
  • Trimming of bushes and shrubs
  • Fence repair
  • Snow removal
  • Home and condo cleaning
  • Prepare home for personal or client visits
  • Personal requests (grocery, flowers, take-out dinner, etc.)
  • Client's personal requests

  • Powerwashing New Service!
  • Winterizing of home or condo
  • Inspections of outside contractors
  • Light bulb replacing
  • Filter replacement
  • Change batteries in smoke detectors
  • Change batteries in digital thermostat
  • Decks repairs
  • Fence repairs
  • Carpentry
  • Masonry repairs
  • Electrical repairs
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Painting
  • Wallpapering
  • Chimney cleaning
  • Client's personal requests

  • Serving Ocean City and surrounding communities.
  • If you are looking for security, START here. If you are looking for full service, STOP here and see us!
  • "ASIS" American Society for Industrial Security has studies that show burglars will commit crimes somewhere else when confronted with a security service. Display your 1 Stop Property Watch decal and defend your piece of mind... and your assets!
  • Property crime is the most common type of crime committed in the United States and accounts for nearly 9 out of 10 crimes reports to the police.
  • Most vandalism is opportunistic. Researchers have estimated that as much as 75% of all vandalism can be reduced with prevention. What price are you willing to pay?
  • Member of Bethany-Fenwick Chamber of Commerce

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